Training FAQs

Are you unsure which Training course is the correct one for you or your workplace? Do you need on-site training? Read the frequently asked questions below for guidance on booking courses with Smiths Training, if you still have questions, please contact us direct and we will be happy to help…

What Training do I need, personally and for my company?

Why not schedule a call with one of our training experts to go through your requirements or better yet, our Training Manager can visit your site, where possible to go through the requirements you may have.


What First Aid course do I need, individually and as a business?

The HSE have a lot of written guidance on this however it is recommended that business follow the below steps:

  • Higher Hazardous workplaces should have 1 First Aid at Work trainer per 50 people employed on site at all times – taking into account there should always be 1 first aider available at all times, so someone to cover on holidays or different sites as well.
  • Lower Hazardous workplaces should have 1 emergency first aider per 25 people employed on sites at all times, then 1 extra for every 100 people employees.


Where is my certificate?

Where possible we aim to get all certificates over to you in 7-10 working days, however we do submit paperwork same day upon receiving so sometimes this maybe earlier. If there is a delay with paperwork, we will contact you to offer temporary permits.


Will the certificate go to the booker or delegate?

The booker will always receive the certificates first, however on courses such as IPAF and first aid, the delegates can access these themselves.


Is there parking at your training centres?

Parking facility varies across our training centres, we will note in your booking confirmation if the location that you have selected has any specific parking instructions.

Please note: there is no parking on site at Warrington, Preston and Blackpool and Blackburn has parking on the road adjacent to the depot gates.


Can I cancel my course?

If you wish to cancel your course please contact with the information of the course you’re booked on for and we will look into this however we do have terms and conditions for the courses, which can be found here – Terms & Conditions.


Can I move my course?

We understand that sometimes things come up so where possible we will try to help, please contact with your booking information and we will see what we can do.


Can I have a test paper in another language?

If you do feel it would be more beneficial, please speak to us at the time of booking and we will see if it’s possible, with IPAF we have access to multiple languages and our e-learning platforms have subtitles on certain courses!


I have a candidate who struggles to read and/or write, can you help?

Please let us know in the required health and safety form if you require extra support, we will ensure the trainer provides additional support/time if needed.


Who needs health and safety training?

You do as an employer or even if you’re self-employed; you must be able to identify risks at sites.

Your management team; if you employ managers and/or supervisors they need to know what dangers they need to look out for. They are responsible for managing risks so additional training maybe required.

Your employees do; everybody that works for you needs to be able to work safely, they need to understand health and safety policies and what they need to adhere to.



How can you help my business?

We offer training for new employees such as basic inductions such as customer service, fire marshal, fire extinguishers and first aiders.

You may have employees that have used equipment for a long time, but never been officially trained, we can iron out any bad habits that have been picked up.

Your safety team/operations team will require training to reflect their responsibilities.
A team member has been promoted – do they have the relevant training to reflect their responsibilities?


I have a team of delegates I need to train can you help?

Dependent on the courses you’re after we offer group rates, call, or email us to discuss, and we will work out the best rates for you!


Can you offer training on our site?

Dependent on the course you require, 9 times out of 10, we can. There are certain requirements for this to happen, but if you contact us ( / 0333 323 2022), we can go through this with you. We also offer a vast range of e-Learning courses, meaning you don’t have to leave your home or workplace to get accredited!


Do I need an account to book training?

No, we accept cash customers as well. Payment can be made in cash via the depot, or we can send a GlobalPay link to make payment for the course.


Do you offer group rates?

We do, yes! On our course pages, you can see our group rates, or call/email us for our offers.


We need urgent training, can we book as late as the day before we need the training?

We always try to help in these urgent situations, it’s always worth calling us to see if we’ve had a last-minute cancellation or we may have had a trainer become available. Alternatively, we can try to find you training through our third party training centres! We do recommend calling in these circumstances as soon as possible so that we can see what we can do for you.


If you don’t advertise the training I need, can you still provide it?

99% of the time, yes, we can! We have partnered with multiple companies to bring you a vast range of training courses at the best rates, so we can find you the training you require for the area you’re in!


I’m a regular customer and I’m working away; can you still help with training?

Simple answer, yes! Since we’ve partnered with multiple companies across the UK, we’re now able to provide training to every corner of the UK. Let us find you the training you require, while you continue working. Easy and hassle-free.