Mental Health First Aid

Overview: This online Mental Health First Aid e-learning course introduces the subject and outlines the benefits of Mental Health first aid and workplace wellness schemes.

The Mental Health First Aid online course covers the effects of stress on individuals and teams and discusses how stress and mental health are linked. The course then covers the roles of employers, managers and employees in ensuring that a Mental Health First Aid programme is successful.

Target Audience:

This online e-learning course is aimed at people in the workplace who would like to become a Mental Health First Aider in their workplace or for Supervisors or Managers interested in starting a Mental Health First Aid programme in their workplace.


This online Mental Health first Aid e-learning course is approved by leading industry bodies IIRSM, CPD and endorsed by Gatehouse Awards.

Duration: 90 minutes


  • Introduction
  • Stress
  • Employers’ Role
  • The Role of Management
  • Employees’ Role: Part 1
  • Employees’ Role: Part 2
  • Employees’ Role: Part 3

Subtitles: English

RRP: £35 +VAT



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